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Friday, December 26, 2014 • 1:24 AM • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum, hiiiii everyone okay so its december which is the last month for the year 2014. So here i am making speech for the year 2014 which is so awful, dramatic, awesome year tbh for me lol. As you guys seen in the newspaper, this year pt3 is awful or in my words sumpah teruk keputusan lmao. But alhamdulillah i manage to overcome my fears and face this pt3 paper. I wanna tell u guys abt my experience in this exam. Tbh at the beginning of the year i was so sad cause i have to move sch again like hello sapa nak jadi budak baru in the year form 3 ni pulak kan. In my class im just an average student biasa ja time first pt3 tu ckp ada exam mahu je aku terbalikkan semua benda campak ronyok ja hahah tapi apakan daya takdir Allah bagi suruh batch 99' hadap pt3. And so apa lagi hadap la.

 The first thing i learn my ass off this year, i manage to skip korean dramas, korean songs in a few months until the day i have to face pt3. It was okay for me cause my sch had so many exams sampai student pun muntah buat lol. Alhamdulillah for my results, its not the worst but its not excellent. Im still grateful even my parents are not quite proud of my results still i am proud of myself. It doesnt matter what anyone else say, the thing that matters most is yourself.

 If u guys saw me on the day i got my results, you guys going to think i bet that girl got all A's but i dont but im very happy and grateful and everyone in my batch should be proud cause hey come on we're the first ever batch and we study our ass off even the format always changing. 

Till then guys xoxo