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" minds change like the weather. I hope you"ll remember today is never too late to be a brand new "


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Saturday, March 22, 2014 • 1:01 AM • 0 comments


Assalamualaikum. Hi. Its been 4 months since i update something. Its not that i forget but im just too busy with life. Theres a lot things happen during these 4 months. I met new ppl. How much it sometimes disgust me to act said these kind of stuff. I dont 'hate' new ppl, i just love the old ones. Well, life right now for me its been a hell. I miss my friends, old teachers, old enemies lol. 

I used to hang out with cool ppl that make me laugh, make me realize how important i am to them but now it's just me and me and me. Its not like i dont met new ppl, i met few of them but old ones are my fav. During the first month of 2014, i cried bcs theres no more ppl that i could tell my probs to them. No more those girls talk everyday. No more funny jokes. But now im getting used to this. Getting used of being a loner. Getting used to keep all my probs to myself. When im sad, i always listen to this one song that make me go way back.

 I need some time just deliver the things that I need for now
Everything that I feel's like a warm deep calm casting over me
And it's taking me to somewhere new

If you believe that everything's alright

You won't be all alone tonight
And I'd be blessed by the light of your company,
Slowly lifting me to somewhere new

Till then xx